The Moon Tree


There is a tree in the world
that brings the moon home
so we can sit that much closer
and peer into the nature of our passing
through the grand scope of eternity.
Imagine those who climb the tree,
tasked with removing the obstacles
to our vision and experience of
infinity, loops, and circularity,
with each clip taking us closer
to the grand narrative of
our origin and our trajectory,
so conjoined with the mission
to offer truth and contemplation
that, even from a place so near,
the view comes into being,
the shape of life emerges
so that we may all come to see. – TS

For John (Give Peace a Chance)


A new day can be
a cycle lasting a
thousand years.
How the time is
dark and sludging
and the hard bits
stick to the pores
and we grind to halt,
submerged as we are,
and we cry for
any way out.
But in the thicket
something is growing.
In the aching slowness,
the unfathomable
deep and dark,
our eyes begin
to open, and in
the heavy slowness,
there is time to
take everything in.
And when it’s
too hard to see,
we turn inward,
and look for the light
in the jungle of our
caged hearts.
And our hearts expand,
and the light
filters out, and we
find out way into
our humanity. – TS

Memory (It’s Always Love)


The overgrowth
the times that were
crowding into the
space of me,
lush reminders
of the juices that
continue to dance
through my veins,
the flowers that
grow on bones
in floral remembrance.
The times that were!
I rush to move
the words through me,
to have them leak
from my fingers
into the world
but they come too fast,
or not at all.
Still the sun beats,
Still the way is lit.
So it must be done,
and one just moves on,
One just carries on. – TS



Is it a wall?
I approach tenderly,
with small steps.
Up close I see stones
the colours of antiquity
and the greatest stories
ever told,
smiles like pearls.
I see the alchemy
of turning concrete
into art,
rounded shapes
that could belong
to royal regalia
of the mountains
and moors,
or the skin of
a mermaid
awash in the depths,
and I am transported.
May we learn
as we stumble,
as we keep our
eye and heart on
transcendence. – TS

We Continue On


On the other side
of a long
fearful night
there are people
holding hands
and circling the sun,
paying homage
to the passage
of Time,
Resting in the
where colour
transfixes in
its fading,
and the earth
is supple and
pure to touch
as it greets
the fallen,
the wounded,
and all who
continue on. – TS