What is Reiki? About Reiki with Tammy


“Just for today, be kind to all living things.”

My journey with Reiki started around the same time that I started practicing yoga, and both have had a profound effect on how I see the world, and our place in it as human beings capable of so much more vitality and meaning than we often believe is possible.

It was at this time that I started to deeply feel how conditioned we are in modern society to prioritize the mind over the body, intellect over wisdom, and being productive over being at peace. In other words, to place value on doing over being – and how much we are suffering for it, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

We go to the doctor when we are physically not feeling well, and are treated for the symptoms of our dis-ease. If we are lucky, this is covered by some form of insurance. More often than not, the underlying causes of the problem are not addressed, especially when they are emotional ones – and we know that our physical and emotional selves are intimately connected.

Why, I wondered, are we not equally supported when we our suffering is mental and emotional? Why is there still stigma attached to this, and why is there so little social support for our need, in the simplest terms, to feel better, more at ease in our bodies and in our lives? After all, how can we truly get better physically if our emotional needs are not given the compassionate attention they – we – need?

I realized that to live a really vibrant and meaningful life, it is so important that we learn how to embody – to truly be in our bodies in a mindful way, and to become comfortable with all the sensations, thoughts and emotions that co-exist in this tapestry of the self, to learn not to attach to these too greatly so that we can come to embrace our power and inherent health and well-being.

It has been a profound – and ongoing! – journey. Learning Reiki has been transformational and life-changing. I am so grateful for my Reiki Master, Beatrix Schilcher, in Nong Khai, Thailand, for so generously offering her gifts and wisdom in training me in the traditional, Usui lineage of Reiki.

Reiki comes from two root words: Rei – universal, and Ki – life force energy. Reiki is a very gentle form of energy healing in which this universal life force is harnessed by the therapist to bring about calm, peace, relaxation and overall well-being.

In a Reiki session, whether hands-on or distant, I am working with this benevolent universal energy to help guide your system in a very gentle way to work through its build-up of patterns of unease in a safe and nurturing environment in which you can relax, release, and truly feel you are coming back to yourself.

One of my foundational beliefs is that the human system – body, mind and spirit – has an immense and profound capacity to heal itself. In fact, its default state is health, and this health remains with us as long as we are alive. Our life experiences and conditioning can weigh on us, causing patterns of tension, but the backdrop is always health. Imagine it this way: the very same air, or atmosphere, or energy that exists all around us, enlivening the trees, mountains and oceans of the world, is also sustaining us. There is no reason we cannot come to the same perfect harmony within ourselves and the world around us as these marvels of nature. Given that we are thinking creatures, and that thinking creates tension patterns, it just takes a bit more of an effort, and a conscious desire to heal and come back to our inherent health!

They say that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I like to think of these steps as slow, gentle, comfortably-paced steps that will support us as we navigate the fascinating ups and downs that make us the wonderfully unique and multi-faceted people that we are, as we work with intention to arrive back home: the sacred space of comfort and contentment within our bodies and selves.

Whether I am working hands-on with gentle touch in a shared space with you, or whether we are in different spaces, or even different cities or countries, I am working with intention to meet you energetically wherever you are, and to create a space in which you feel comfortable to relax, so that the natural healing capabilities of your body can emerge. This can result in powerful feelings of relaxation and “wholeness”. It is also perfectly natural for things to come up during a session, whether this is in the form of strong emotions or sensations in the body, powerful cues that your body has responded to the Reiki and is in the midst of letting go, unwinding and healing.

The beautiful thing to keep in mind is that it is impossible for Reiki energy to cause harm – the energy always comes from the deepest place of good, always goes where it is needed, and your body can only respond in a way that promotes healing in your system. It is a beautiful, sacred, and often surprising journey that works in mysterious and profound ways to restore you to wellness and a sense of ease.

Do you have any questions? Would you like to book a distant Reiki session? To know more, please email me at tammystoneshare@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you.

With love, Tammy

Remember Love


Do you remember
The ten thousand thoughts
You had in a day
Between the hours of waking,
And the laying down
Of your tired self to sleep

Or do you remember
The time you stood on sand
As the ocean waves
Lapped to shore
And tickled your ankles,
And all was right with the world?

In your memory,
The not quite blue
And not quite green of dawn,
The blazing red sun turned to dusk,
The first star of the night
(star light, star bright)

A touch so deep
That skin becomes the map
Of the universe,
And there is no end
To the impulse to immerse yourself
Every contour and curve

A moment shared
Where, without words,
The longings of lifetimes
Come pounding to the surface,
Where they are held
With ancient and visceral love.

We fear that fear
Is all we have and remember.
But, really remember
The love and awe that slipped though
The cracks of thought, to find you:
This is who you really are.

– Tammy Stone Takahashi

New Yoga Video for Better Breathing!



Hi friends! Awhile back I made this video about how do deep “yogic” breathing, and wasn’t sure what to do with it. Now, here we are, with everyone more or less home-bound, looking for things to do, and in need of being in good respiratory health! It’s my great hope that this might be of benefit to anyone who wants a few tips on maximizing their breath/breathing more deeply to fortify the lungs and stay buoyant. It’s amazing how good a few deep breaths can feel! Pardon my modest production values, feel free to share, and enjoy!

Watch the video here!

The Eye of Love


The eye of Love
sees from all places
across all spans of Time,
takes us everywhere
we have always
needed to go,
helps us with the task
of remembering who
we have always been.
The eye of Love
does not ask or demand
or make judgments,
but sees us
in all of our potential,
and knows we are
striving for me.
The eye of Love
belongs to all of us,
and comes from
the space where
all that is without
and all that is within meet,
our sacred source
of all that is.
Let us meet at
the eye of Love,
and begin again,
and then begin again.
– Tammy Takahashi

For the Women


Looking up, I see a canopy
of tropical trees, merged seamlessly
under a lazy late afternoon sun,
swaying loosely in the breeze
or hushed to a still silence,
being all of what they are.
I also see a quilt, woven tenderly
by hundreds of hard-working hands
over maybe thousands of years.
I see women in sweaty backrooms
or on rickety bamboo porches
under a relentless midday sun,
creating colour, texture and pattern
one infinitesimal layer at a time,
building inconceivable beauty
out of madness spun by oppression,
and it is beauty on the smallest scale,
but of the grandest design.
These towering achievements
will never scrape the sky,
but they will transport you
through all the skies and worlds.
I see the art slavery can create,
and wonder what would happen
under the conditions of freedom.
I see the future I hope for,
and the women are emancipated,
and the power is tremendous,
and the earth trembles again
in the most delicious anticipation,
and we rule without ruling,
in the space where sun and moon meet.
And the rich tapestries are portals
taking us back to the ancient source
so that we may thrive forward.
And we all become weavers of the free,
and we all the layers of the magisterial tree.
– Tammy Takahashi

Hand on Heart


Where will you go
once your feet are planted
firmly on the ground?
Did you know how far they were
from their sacred origins until now,
as you bring your attention
to the earth under your feet,
feel the cool perfection
of soil, sediment, the network of roots
that is your true birthplace?
Can you breath all the way
into the soles of your feet,
and feel the pulse
of the center of the earth
as it breathes dragon fire
up through your sacrum and spine,
in communion with the sun,
and can you feel that you are
between the two, a messenger
between earth and air,
between fire and sky,
both conductor and part
of the world’s greatest symphony?
Can you place your hand
on your beating heart,
the molten lava of it,
the perfect, messy garden of it,
and ask it what it wants,
what it needs, what it dreams,
and can you plant your feet
even deeper, reach even higher,
bring even more fire to
the illustrious lands of your living?
– Tammy Takahashi

Who Have Lived


It is hard not to see
the people in their absence
the spirit of them
in the places they’ve been,
the things they have loved,
the clothes they have worn,
the chairs they have inhabited.
It is an absence so palpable
that it teaches me
about transcendence,
so that I know that between
presence and absence
there is no distinction,
that what lives, lives,
and when it does not,
it can never be gone
for our having known it,
and more, for our having loved.
– Tammy Takahashi

Loving Deep


The sun’s love sets oceans ablaze,
sprinkles fields with wild-growing flowers,
has trees deepening roots, spreading wings.
We see the array of nature’s offerings:
they are gleaming, growing, taking the love
and honouring it through pure acts of being.
And we? We too are the recipients
of all the love the sun has to give,
and it has all of it, and gives it freely.
We, too, absorb, grow, and breathe,
and mark the passages of our lives.
When did we stop understanding
that we are at heart love’s creatures,
that nothing is demanded of us
but that we find a way to live as an expression
of this love as fully and freely as we can?
May we gather together in the blanket of love,
and and cherish what is given to us in abundance,
and dedicate ourselves to loving deep,
loving wild, loving pure, without end.
– Tammy Takahashi