dialogue 1


“All real living is meeting.” – Martin Buber


I wholeheartedly believe that everything exists in connection, and to relate to others (and to oneself) is to grow, learn, flourish and find the way to happiness.

I’ve been so fortunate to have the opportunity to meet and converse with some great artists and thinkers over the years, and I would like to dedicate this page to their wisdom, and to the beauty that can be found in dialogue. Please check in from time to time for a growing archive of these conversations, as well as dialogues to come!




4 thoughts on “Dialogue

  1. Tammy, Wonderment arised when I read your poem and learned about you and your path.
    I am exploring a paralell way of Life.
    With Gratitude on a shinny mexican morning (seldom at this time of the year)



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