Twilight’s Laments


The letter I never sent you.
The lonely cry in the night.
The star flickering to fade.
The dog crawling away to die.
The love I couldn’t give you.
Your fear of things in the dark.
The shadows eating the day.
The storm we didn’t predict.
The answers I never found.
The questions I never asked.
The fade of the photo’s colors.
The rewriting of our storied joy.
Sense fracturing at the edges.
The inability to know what’s true.
A baby’s unanswered wail.
A mother’s heart ripped open.
The time we thought we had.
Laying remembrance to dust.
These are twilight’s laments
How often their power sounds.
Here is the forest, inviting us.
To go deep, to emerge again. – TS

My Questions To You


What is your saving grace?
What pushes you to the darkest
places on a night of no stars, full,
instead, of the thicket of feverish dreams?
What grand and majestic hope has stayed
with you since you were a tiny little child?
What did you want to be when you
grew up, and is this still your fantasy?
I am your ear, your hand, your heart.
We can hide in the dark together, and
when we’re ready to emerge, we can
run and laugh catch the sun and sand
and build castles of what’s never been lost.
I implore: can we share the happy and sad,
our hesitant and bolder steps in this world,
all our inner magic, before it’s too late? – TS