My degrees in Journalism and Film Theory did not entirely fall away like a (pretty fun) dream. I’ve written on art, film, wellness, travel and mindful living for magazines and newspapers internationally, including The Globe and Mail, The Nation (Thailand), The Bangkok Post, POV Magazine, Montage, Ayurveda Today and Life Positive Magazine. I’m now writing a regular column for the very special mindful-living magazine elephant journal, and am continuing to find new outlets for my writing (a lot of poetry, of late!) every day.

My short stories and poetry have been published in The Broken City Magazine, THIS Magazine, Dairy River, SNReview, Grace Notes Magazine, The Camel Saloon, orion headless, The Bactrian Room, among other publications. I’ve also had my photos widely published and exhibited.

Great news! I’ve signed a book deal and my first poetry collection is now officially forthcoming! Please visit the Books and Projects section for more information on the book, how you can order it, and what it’s all about.

I’m also in the process of seeking publication for two novellas, and I’m now working on a travel memoir.

I’m publishing poems, articles and other writings on this site regularly, so stay in touch, please take a moment to look through some of my word-musings, and thank you!



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