Life is Me



We are not here to hide
behind the veil of our fears,
glimpsing out into the world
as though it is not always
running wildly within us,
as though we are not
part of the bright evolution

We are not here to be
more faint, muted or faded
than the world we balk from
as though we need to be smaller,
or for our actions be less brave
than the the bold expressions
that stir our souls everyday

We are here to sing like the opera
that glitters under our skin,
to dance to the rhythmic cadences
that spring from Earth’s core,
to sculpt our bodies like gold and
feel it rise through us like fire:
This life is ours to claim!

– TS


For the Muse


for the gardens
that never succumb
to the weight of
their history,
for the ancient
wooden structures
that become
more full of love
with each passing
year, until one
day they will
collapse from
the enormity of
this love that has
seeped into
its bones,
for the muse,
which compels me
to bring heart to hand,
word to page,
even when i don’t
know what i
have to say,
even when no
expression will
ever reflect
what inside, too
is always changing,
with gratitude
for the trying,
for the going on
– TS

We are the Blossom


Is there a revolution
in your mind?
Of course there is.
From yesterday to now,
thoughts and feelings
have travelled to the
sun, moon and back,
so imagine the days
before this, the years.
Oh, the way we fight
so hard to be
who we are,
to keep the pieces
whole and tethered,
to keep closed covers
on both ends of the story.
We are always
who we are.
The tree, from root to sky,
anchors the whole world
without questioning
the what of her.
The blossoms come out
to live in time
for just one week
before the rain brings
them to their lovely end,
and still they are
fiercely and only
what they are,
even as they resemble
themselves the least.
The light will hit them
a certain way,
threatening to change
everything we know,
and this looks a lot
like magic.
And this is the
It is the stuff,
the same and
that weaves our lives
together, too.
May we always be
fully, wholly, wildly
what we are. – TS

Our Gorgeous Awake


I pass hurdles
common and unforeseen
before climbing right in
and soaking in the
lush verdant green.
I inch closer,
hesitant, unsure of
my steps on a land
that has come
hand in hand with
our own existence,
that has long been
waiting for our return.
I am here,
I say softly,
not sure why
she would be listening
unsure of my own
heart beating
her thousand pathways
through hurt
to love.
Suddenly I can breathe.
I breathe.
I unfold,
at times achingly slow.
Until the bloom
is magnificent and
full and whole. – TS

New Poetry Collection Released Today!



Wow! We are so excited that, just in time for Summer Solstice, our beautiful new poetry collection, Poetry As a Spiritual Practice: Illuminating the Awakened Woman, became a #1 Hot New Release with the first day of being put out into the world!

Spearheaded by the truly luminous Catherine Ghosh, this is the third poetry collection if a trilogy unleashing the powerful and poetic voices of women. Jamie Burgess, Jesse James, Sandra Allapagen and I also edited this book. In addition, I write a few poems, one of the Chapter Introductions, an essay and a writing prompt. Oh, and I also contributed illustrations to the back cover and interior! This was a true labour of love, and as work progressed on the book, a collective feeling that this was a very magical and important collection grew in our minds and hearts.

From the website of Catherine’s Women’s Spiritual Poetry: Journey of the Heart blog:

In this reflective collection of personal essays, poems and meditations, women writers illuminate the powerful role poetry plays in unleashing their spirits. Juxtaposing the waxing and waning of the moon phases, with cycles of concealing and revealing their own voices, the authors tap into an ancient theme to explore the mystical experience of birthing a poem.

What is it about the unique nature of poetry that draws fullness of expression from female hearts? How do poems become conduits to what is most sacred within us? This third book to emerge from the Journey of the Heart Poetry Project lifts the veil on these, and other mysterious subjects, surrounding women who spontaneously engage poetry writing as part of their spiritual practice.

Edited by Catherine Ghosh, with Sandra Marie Allagapen,  Jamie Burgess, Jesse James and Tammy. T. Stone, it will be released on the summer solstice of 2016 by Golden Dragonfly PressAll proceeds from the book will be donated to a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering women to express themselves through writing.

Here are some of the details!

To see the trailer for the book:
The book is available on Amazon US here:
(All proceeds from the sales of this book will be donated to WriteGirl, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting creativity and self-expression to empower girls.) 
The book is available in the U.K here:
The book is available in Canada, here:


Happy reading this Strawberry Full Moon and Summer Solstice!