Our Love that is Everywhere


your love is
coming from your
stretching out
to the world beyond.
your love is also
out there in
the great vast
cosmic space,
looking at you
too, yes,
but let’s
rest our eyes.
it is surrounding
you, enveloping
you, giving you
the universal
you often
forget to give
it is not
someone else’s
it is your love,
the one love,
meant also
for you. – TS

This is the Love


through the sagebrush,
love is there.
by the cherry blossoms,
love is there, too.
in the way you smile,
there is the love.
in how sun gives way to moon,
love is always there.
the moon, too, cedes to sun,
what is more loving than this?
as I allow for you,
and you allow for me,
love grows bigger still.
i must find it, this love
that is boundless and free,
that cannot only be talked about,
or desired until our blood grow cold.
to find love in one outgrowth of moss,
in one sparkling river downstream,
in a single act of courage and kindness,
this is what we have always been seeking.
this is what we take and build upon,
and this is our world of tomorrow. – TS

Love is Love


Love is everywhere.
Love is hard.
Love is not blind.
Love is deep inside.
Love is for sharing.
Love is also for taking.
Love is worth discovering.
Love is big.
Love flies like a breeze over the ocean.
Love caresses like dew on grass.
Love can leave us aching and broken.
Love can be misunderstood.
Love is the basis of all things.
Love is a great pursuit.
Love should never be made small.
Love is between all of us, all the time.
Love is love. – TS

A Love Like This

the question has not
already been answered:
it needs no answering.
the gaze reaches far
into distant horizons:
there is nothing to see.
the mind jumping here,
there, looking for a home:
there is nowhere to land.
the cry mustering strength
from deep hurts within:
there is nothing to say.
the heart thumps in its cage
seeking all kinds of love:
there is no love like this.
love is not lost and found.
love cannot disappear.
love has never left us. – TS

I Love You (if I could).

I love you

I love you.

If I could rush there, to the place where the walls have been smashed down and the borders between us were fluid and we were standing in an open field of lush grasses and neverending sun,

If I could shower my own heart with so much love that there was nowhere else to go but to spill onto your beautiful self, which I would be seeing as though for the first time on the very first day,

If I knew without having to strive for this understanding, that to love you is the greatest freedom and most ideal joy there is, and that we could be in this most loving space in the blink of an eye,

because it lives in our bones
while we push with our minds
because it is how we were meant to be,

I would. I am coming to you.
I love you.

Poem: If I Were Among the Stars


If I were among the stars

Beaming faint across the

The galaxies, sharing

Secrets about ancient Time,

Caressing hearts away

From earthly burdens …

If I could sit among my

Star friends, holding hands,

Singing quietly in light-bathed

Night, weaving dreams from dust,

Hope from the hard stories …

Among the stars

Luminescence reigns,

Within their sparkle

We heal

In wordless song.

Stars streak the night

But know nothing of darkness,

Like the sun, which does not

Witness its own miracles.

I peer into the world

Emptied of form.

My job is to first to be,

Then to learn, and know.

My knowledge needs

No formulation.

Poem: Origins


Tammy T. Stone

Tammy T. Stone



let’s work backwards,

to get where are,

which is where we long

to be,

so we can build ourselves

up again

(how often we need to

build ourselves up again,

after a fall, how

shattered the heart).

Let’s start with that place

on the other side of memory,

where we find

bliss, which is pure joy,

back to contentment and peace,

and then harmony between

self and our world of touch

and our world of fantasy,

an explosion

through the gathering of

insides and out,

digging through the tendrils of night

and taking in, knowing from

wells of ancestral wisdom how to

outstretch our hands in giving and receiving

because we’ve seen others, and

allowed for our own tender witnessing,

penetration –

to see love in our own eyes,

which reflects every one of us,

the fragile corners of our secret pain

bringing us into sacred congregation,

the yearning for wholeness coming from

deep wells of oceanic wisdom

but we can find it in

all beginnings,

in the holiness of everyday things

now that we are here,

a shared smile, a deep-bellied

laugh, arms wrapped around a

tree, arms wrapped around
each other.