I Stay


world goes to dusk
verdant landscape blushes
as sun paints the world
one last streak of fire
for this time
i stay
as she makes
her serpentine descent
i mourn the world
that will soon be
shrouded in dark
i resist
the temptation
to leap toward the horizon
and follow the sun to
all those places
on the other side
hands to heart
i fix my gaze on the tree
i slow down my breath
that pulses with twilight fear
and i stay – TS

My Street Japan. Day 45.

My Street Japan. DAY 45. Tammy T. Stone

My Street Japan. DAY 45. Tammy T. Stone

The nursing home across the street, swathed in the amber glow that twilight brings. We should never ignore the cycles of the day, the rotations of the sun around the Earth, the impact of a soft colour on our hearts.