Joy Now


And once we round the bend?
Once all that the horizon is ours?
Is there something waiting there
grander than the vast open road
with its trees glinting in the sun
stone structures mounted for gods
Mountains just off to the side
ready to cushion your dreams
The clouds, too, shifting shape
always waiting to tell you a story?
May we not wait for what comes
but bring joy to everything we meet. – TS

The Wonder of Side by Side


The wonder of side-by-side,
how the one never tugs at
the luster of her companion,
how there is no struggle at all.
Let’s take a small moment
to contemplate the mystery
that is also no mystery at all,
of the harmony in difference.
The trees do it unthinkingly,
bearing life in all the colors,
not enjoying freedom in unity,
but embodying ours eternally.
They ask not even to be seen
but offer themselves to our gaze,
boasting no magic, but teaching
us everything we need to know. – TS

Find the Forgotten


And we soar
to the treetops
and beyond
Having forgotten
to reckon with
the earth’s beauty
(Which is also
the beauty in us
and of ourselves)
And from here
in the clouds
we pause to rest
Breathing deep,
finding in soft places
the contour of us
The mystic dance
between our freedom
and our sublime
Incarnation. – TS