All Our Next Days


What is at the bottom of the ocean
that is not moving, not forever
riding the ebb and flow of the tide,
not swayed by the moon’s loveliness
or by upheavals of its own currents?
What is it that stays still?
Amid the unrest in our restful days,
There is a hint and a warning,
but also an invitation: come,
to where it is quiet and harmonious,
if but for a single, sacred moment,
and breathe in, and breathe out,
and allow the wonder of all
that lies before you to become
an experience of expansion,
of beauty and symmetries,
of our deepest love and awe
that you can take with you,
a precious gift into all your
next days, and the ones after that,
as the tides continue to rip and roar,
and the sun threatens to split us open.
Breathe in, and breathe out,
for this is where the stillness lies. – TS