Dependence Arising


They call it negative space,
a void so large it takes on
the qualities of fullness,
it draws attention.
The emptiness of form,
the form of emptiness.
And then we think
of opposites and duality,
of what is supposed to be
and what never is.
And then, maybe,
we come to this:
to the recognition
of a beautiful flower,
small, alone, newly fallen,
still in the grips of her vitality,
upon a pavement marked
with the imprints of those
who have made it,
and the many who have
tread upon is surfaces,
and whichever comes
into the mind first,
they are both us,
and they are both not us,
and we are all
dependent on each other. -TS

My Street Japan. Day 25.

My Street Japan. DAY 25. Tammy T. Stone

My Street Japan. DAY 25. Tammy T. Stone

This series is turning into a bit of a mystery, or choose your own adventure!

I was captivated by this tree, and how totally green it is, despite many other trees on the street turning the deep, rich colours of autumn.

Then this man, pictured above, walked up, and started poking at the tree. I’m sure there was no cat up there, because if there was, there would have been a huge commotion. There were no cat sounds. There was just a quiet street, and a man forking around up in the tree – which seems to have no flowers, no fruit – with a pole.

What’s that all about?