Oct 24 2019

Who You Are Today


Please don’t ask me
who I am,
but who I am today.
Do not ask me
where I come from;
allow me instead
to describe the lush roots
that mold my veins
and allow my breath
to dance.
Do not take me
on a journey of
where we have been,
but look into my eyes,
as I will yours,
so that we may find
our love refracted
a thousand layers deep
in all the directions.
There is a door;
leave your self there,
everything the years
have done to form you,
all that you have absorbed
and leaked onto
rocky and arid lands
that have forgotten
how to hold you,
and enter. Come in.
Take flight to everything
that is possible,
and taste the love
that could not erase
what is always meant to stay.

– Tammy Takahashi


Take me into the soft folds
of your wondrous history,
and into the landscape
of your childhood dreams;
so I can dream with you.
It is maybe a first gaze,
or maybe a trembling touch
between the two of us,
and maybe we are fragile,
maybe fortified by our resolve
to step out of the haven
of our worn our views,
and into the arms and hearts
of another. And you arrived.
Maybe, it seems, on the wings
of something larger
than we could have foretold.
And so, we cannot help
but know we are protected
as long as we remain true
to the promises we may
have forgotten we made,
to one another, to ourselves,
to that which blankets us all,
so that we may live, enriched
by our desire for growth,
for the one true kind of Love.

– Tammy Takahashi

We are United


In all the different ways
we come to our feelings,
to be who we are now,
the mosaic of histories,
the fractured memories,
the passage of each of us
through life’s infinite
series of precise moments,
in the face of the magnitude
of all that serves to divide,
there is the miracle of this:
of our sacred communions.
We still come together
in all the ways that matter,
huddling over campfires,
to laugh, cry and release,
singing songs with once voice
that brings the spirit
of the faraway home
to one shared experience;
We can meet someone’s eyes
with our own, searching,
finding, understanding,
with a heart of empathy.
We can still learn of
another person’s heartache,
and embrace them, and say,
“I know. I’ve been there too.”
We can still look at a bird,
and want for it to fly.
We can still look at a tree,
and wish for it to stand,
and bear witness for us,
to firmly root, and to rise.
We can find the essence
in all the diverging parts,
find ourselves there too,
and walk our holy paths,
the power of this bigger Love
infusing every single step.
– Tammy Takahashi

The Garden of Your Life

This is the garden of your life.
It has in its cozy underground
the seeds of all the very things
you have ever been seeking.
Some have begun to sprout;
some are thriving in your midst,
while others are still buried deep,
waiting for the conditions to grow.
Isn’t this the nature of a garden,
to contain all the rhythms,
all of the dances in creation?
And isn’t it the nature of a life,
to harbor all of the possibilities,
all the potential, alongside
what has already bloomed,
and is there such a thing as time,
or progress, or a sequence of things?
What is yet to bud, what’s overgrown,
what has dried up, fallen to ground,
what is perfectly ripe to touch,
these are the storied seasons
running now through your blood,
and each is to be delicately held,
observed with great care,
attended to as each one needs,
and there is always room
in this great garden of your life
to invite the riches in,
the powers of sun and moon,
the wisdom of rocks and trees,
and the perfect communion
we find with our fellow humans,
invited into our garden’s heart
as we practice perfect love.

– Tammy Takahashi

The Way of the Seed


It is the will and purpose

Of a seed to travel,

To take the blueprint of home

And to carry this blueprint far

From its brothers and sisters,

To grow roots in new terrain

And find its will to grow,

If the conditions are right.

The more it grows and thrives,

The further memories of home

Go, and they do land,

Where everything does,

In the place of no land,

Our sacred memory keeper

For all the wanderlust hearts.

A seed cannot grow

In the shadow of its mother;

It needs to find and to claim

A light of its own.

But a seed is wiser than us,

Its blueprint is also

In the sun and the stars,

And in the earth from which

We all come, and grow, and go.

The seed has nothing to despair,

Is not running from,

Or racing toward,

But is doing the work of a seed,

To be where it needs to be

Without needing to be

Anywhere else,

To blossom in the way

Of all unimpeded things.

  • Tammy Takahashi


An Invitation


This is an invitation
for you to find the space
to sit, to feel the salve
of everything that grows
and is, so that you, too,
can have your place here
But it is also a reminder
that everywhere you go,
and it will be far, and long,
you will find the best part
of yourself lying in wait,
so you can discover again.
– Tammy Takahashi