The Spectre of My Freedom


the spectre of my freedom
in the event you are not free
the words congealing
with nowhere to land or fall
empty movement on land
you cannot escape from
we are a people blessed
we are a people cursed
we are a people born
and raised of our times
yet still, still, we breathe
we gasp on the intake
we pray the air is clean
and if we discover what lives
there is something in this
there is our responsibility
to breathe more and deeper
until the body lights up
and there is no other choice
but to light up the rest.
– TT

Let Us Dance


Let us fuse our grand dreams
and merge our ideologies,
until they gather like stardust
and fill the missing pieces.
Let us forget what divided
and see through to what’s true,
and move from heart with grace.
Let us dance. Let us dance. – TS