We are in This Together


If it is an echo that you seek,
a far-off cry, resounding and important,
reverberating off the storied walls
of ancient times, if you are reaching
very nearly into the great void
hoping to hear the sounds
emerging, muffled and true,
in the great winds that have brought us
everything we know and hold dear
from places we may never go
and people we might never meet,
or be, if we are straining to hear
the sounds containing all that wisdom,
and we will sacrifice everything
we know, for that which we don’t,
if fear has turned into determination
and the seedlings of love keep growing,
then know: you are being listened to,
you are heard, felt, seen, and loved.
You will not fall. We are seeking together.
– Tammy Takahashi

Life Doesn’t Stop While You Sleep


They are not arms, no,
But they reach, from a center
Almost impossible to see,
The home and seat of such
Persistence, this invisible
Drive toward life, and living,
The birth of all creation.
They grow long, wide and tall,
Tapering to a thin point
As if to ready the leaf
For its journey beyond itself.
Look closely, at each detail,
The marks it has accrued
By being exposed
To the elements that
Come to mark its existence,
The way they give
Each raindrop the only
Home they have known.
Look at the synergy
Of life on life,
On a concrete stoop
Of a house built
In the shadow of a mountain.
What if we pause to reflect
On the smallest things
That make and save a life?

– Tammy Takahashi

A Place With No Name


The word spirit moves me

Around worlds and back,

Tickles me in all the right places,

Takes me on a journey with

Fairies, fables and everything

I’m still training my heart to see.


But, that word, spirituality,

It does not roll off the tongue,

And causes no small confusion.

Is it spiritual to see forever

In a tide retreating to the horizon,

To want to sit under a tree

And learn its ancient wisdoms?


Do we need a name for the way

We edge forward step by step,

Trying as best we can to know

A love so vast and deep it makes

Flower buds swell and birds soar,

And brings together even the most

Disparate and lonely among us?


Take me on a path that has no name,

Teach me to sing from my belly

And to dance fierce and reckless,

Show me the space between two stars

And help me forget that I am striving,

And let us dip into the deepest waters,

And know beyond knowing that we live.

To You, Who is Me, with Love. {Poem}

Tammy T. Stone

Tammy T. Stone

To You, Who is Me, with Love

To you, the thinker

put thinking in it’s place.

To you, the lover,

love with your overflowing heart,

love strong, never limit your love.

To you, the shy one,

take your time,

there is such

a soft place for you to land

and find your embrace.

To you, the angry one,

put your hand to your heart

and see the silence that is there,

until the tears come. They will

come, and it will be beautiful.

To you, the passionate one,

throw your passions

into the world,

which needs your fire

and blessed spirit.

To you, the sleepy one, take rest,

rest can teach you,

and then return to the world

with wide open eyes.

To you, the lonely ones,

carve out a world of love

for yourself, that you can

share with the universe.

To you, the hurried one,

find the magic in

the space between things.

To you, the lost ones,

learn where you are

and don’t be sad.

Being lost will serve you

well one day.

It is serving you now.

To you, the happy ones,

thank you for putting your

special kind of light

into the world.

To you, who is me,

who is all,

to a free moving world

in one heart.

*This was published in elephant journal – check them out!