Above and Below

I only have five words today, but they are important ones! There is always what we see, have and experience right before us, and there is the great, wide, vast universe out there to cushion us, to permeate through our experiences and inject life and energy into them. We can only start where we are, but we can also strive to see, experience, understand more … with JOY!

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From Here to Sky.


Sometimes I marvel at
the rightness of things
That just when I feel
so tired that going on
Becomes an act of tripping,
stumbling, doubting it all,
And my limbs are so heavy,
my heart clenched with fear,
I remember where I am.
Which is here for all of us.
It’s the ground, rich, solid,
sure. So I take off my shoes
And immediately feel a pulse.
I lie down: earth revives me.
How right it is, that there is
so much below us to support,
And that we get to look up,
At all that sky, weightless, huge,
And that we get to peak at and
contemplate all that blue forever
Through the most stunning
Little gateway leaves of green. – TS

Joy Now


And once we round the bend?
Once all that the horizon is ours?
Is there something waiting there
grander than the vast open road
with its trees glinting in the sun
stone structures mounted for gods
Mountains just off to the side
ready to cushion your dreams
The clouds, too, shifting shape
always waiting to tell you a story?
May we not wait for what comes
but bring joy to everything we meet. – TS

The Sky on Long Summer Days


I remember scrunching up into a ball

as low as I could in the backseat of

my parents’ car on summer vacations

(sun-drenched and filled with sweetest things)

and squinting my eyes so that there was

only me and the sky and the whir of

all the things passing by


The feeling comes back to me often

though I can’t find the words for it __

the being one with the sky, that seemed

the only constant thing and I could

never touch it or fly right up to it,

though the gravitational pull up

there was so strong


The safety of being so still amidst

all that movement, the getting from

here to there that existed to my

childlike mind as a cartography drafted

by the wizards and sorcerers responsible

for all the best of our earthly wanderings,

treasures over the rainbow


And for all the adventures that awaited,

the junk cereal indulged in, the death-defying

walks across slippery waterfall rocks, the secrets

my father told his gleeful daughters in his

hushed whispers, it always came to this:

the sky through the car, the warmest invitation,

holding my future safe.

My Street Japan. Day 44

My Street Japan. DAY 44. Tammy T. Stone

My Street Japan. DAY 44. Tammy T. Stone

With a sky this clear and blue, what else is there to photograph?

I also enjoy the insignia on the building here – a nursing home (there is a shortage of these in Japan, by the way) – there are many really gorgeous circular insignia all over, marking various lineages and allegiances. So far, for me, they are just very pretty designs, but I’d love to learn more!