Do Not Be Afraid


Breathe in peace.
Breathe out peace.
I do not know where
the breath comes from,
nor where it goes.
I do not know
how the words arise,
nor where they land.
A lifetime spent learning
is no preparation
for the journey of knowing.
Sometimes I fall
under the weight of words,
the vehicle of my lessons,
Their ability to
sear right through me
as though they had weight.
What am I afraid of?
That beyond the words,
A gate is ready to fly open?
That back through
the layers of spacetime
lies an origin of purity?
Why are we so afraid
of what is pure and benevolent,
and always open to us?
Breathe peace in and out.
Rest in stillness
so as to watch fear go. – TS

Serenity Now


gone, missing,
i gasp –
i search
everywhere –
around the bend,
through the gaping
forest shadows,
the underside
of leaves just
frantic at
first, as though
it will never
be found
and there
will be a
gaping hole
in the
moving on.
then the
wind changes
direction and
the fallen leaves
rustle at my feet.
then i smile,
and know,
and stop
so that the
search in
serenity can
really begin. – TS