The First of Spring


a flutter, a kiss

a hummingbird

singing to the breeze

it glides upon


a caress, a giggle,

skin coming alive

under what feels daily

like a brand new sun


a wink, a smile,

the sparkle in your eye

as you sprint and laugh,

awakening from deep slumber


a wish, a hope, a dream,

these are what emerge

along with the sprightly buds

heralding the first of spring. – TS



The Forest of Bloom


The day could be glowing
with smiles full of sunshine
Or there could be rain
Falling in torrents, like tears
Maybe it has just snowed
Blanketing the earth for rest
There could be a soft breeze
That turns to gales in the night
Fierce so nothing feels sure
And ground itself has come loose
There is always the forest within
So we close our eyes and go
Maybe we come to the tree fearful
Or maybe ready for her healing
Maybe we look at her with longing
Or maybe we have truly arrived
And see: even as day grows dark
even as storms growl and uproot
Still the once-ripe leaves will fall,
Still the tree will bloom again. – TS