Starless Dark Hours


it is not my job
to understand;
it is not the work
of a moment or
a lifetime to
be consumed
by the questions
that prey on the
starless late night

that hold
and stick and
won’t let go
until the sun
makes its
bold ascent
and freedom
comes again.

The questions
are one mark
of our human
existence, yes,
but so it is
that our
in the face
of uncertainty,

our will to
proceed along
even the most
shadowed paths,
these are what
imbue our humanity
with its gold,

this and, of course,
our love,
both seed and
flower of our

– TS



Typhoon. {Poem}


Tammy T. Stone

Tammy T. Stone



Howling, stormy heart,

The gods speak through everything

Days like this.

Plants you tended with all the care

You have, you thought they were

Touch and go, but now watch them

Flying over, bounding back

Resounding and persistent.

It has been caring for me.

It is meant for things like this.

It pulsates where I am the

One who falls, looking

For the sun.