Our Passions, Our World


When we did we learn
To hide our exuberance
And hold our
Passions in?
The world will not
Become more quiet
Because we are more
Quiet in it,
Or through our
The sun shines and
Serves to gives us life,
But when I look at the sun,
I see a million sweet dreams
Swimming in a yellow sea
With the power to vibrate
Themselves whole.
The garden that feeds us,
Maintained and kept,
A whole realm of
Rich sweet mystery.
The trees that remain
Lined on city streets
Shorn for convenience
Are sitting on stories
Millions of years old,
And will share them
The time is now –
We need our communions,
Our shared vision of hope,
And the world has never
Stopped listening.
Let us seek her
Guidance. – TSdscf6183