Move Through the Oceans of Knowledge


all we can do
is make the brave, bold
and beautiful decision
that it is not enough
to know what we know:
that we must traverse
the breadth of the oceans,
not being content
to rest where we are, but
to reach all the distant shores,
and regard what we find
with the eyes of a child,
and the soul of a sage
who knows how much
there is to learn. – TS


The Tides Will Not Stop Turning


In answer to your call,
Which I hear across
starry velvet skies
and distant oceans
that pound and flow
and guide the
cosmic order
between us,
I have but this:
All the years
I spent gathering
knowledge –
I am afraid of how
far they kept
me from you.
It was not the
pursuit of knowledge
that forged our
diverging paths,
but the deep
burying of that
which unites,
which is love,
and always love,
and this will
not be
as the tides,
in all their wisdom,
will not stop
turning. – TS