Hello Beauty


Hello beauty,
the arch simplicity of a new day beginning
the sun knowing without knowing,
the ground our vast, churning revolution
of dynamism and receptivity,
host to our place in it,
above and below,
wandering in between the shadow and light
of all there is,
if we will,
take the time to witness
to encounter and really see
what comes before us,
if we can,
come to be like the sun,
and know without knowing,
and feel without judgment,
from every corner and crevice of heart,
and the beauty, once revealed,
never to part.


Our Sacred Land


If I could wade
into the grass,
waist deep in
an ocean of green,
If I could talk to
the ants and grasshoppers
building their symmetries
and harmonies there,
Or maybe it’s enough
just to watch,
or close my eyes
and feel my way there,
And learn just when
the buds will rise,
from our sacred land,
most vivid side up.
And maybe in time,
I’ll stop feeling
An urgent need to be
everywhere at once. – TS