Light Cycles



life knows
she fills herself
with the blood and bones
of her being
knowing the cycles,
that her sun’s
succulent rise in the sky
her regal descent
give us our
rounded existence
so that there is no
basking and there
no mourning,
no exaltation of up
and no fear of falling
may we descend
as we mount
may we retreat
as we blossom
may we come to understand
our life in shadow
that paves the beauty
our road
through light
– TS

From Where We Go


It rustles; we rustle
It breathes, as we breathe
Living, as we live
In joy, splendor, innocence,
Growing, building, expanding.
It is our time, the amber crest of fire
Heralded by our celestial rotations;
We, too, with the zeal of our life pursuits
Laughing and roaring in the forever of our days,
Until, a gasp of awe, a moment of reckoning;
A transmigration in the ways of love.
And it comes to fade, the drying up,
As we, too, witness the ebb of our luster,
Growing smaller, bone-laced,
Our memories squeezed out
To fertilize the ground,
To where we go,
Our place of birth,
Where we have been,
What is, and is again. – TS

We Continue On


On the other side
of a long
fearful night
there are people
holding hands
and circling the sun,
paying homage
to the passage
of Time,
Resting in the
where colour
transfixes in
its fading,
and the earth
is supple and
pure to touch
as it greets
the fallen,
the wounded,
and all who
continue on. – TS