Light of Truth


for the way
it is always
among us,
the light that
does not know
that gives
of herself
without motive,
want or need
for the way
we find
ourselves there,
against all
odds or hope,
time and again,
knowing before
thought, deep
within, the light
of truth
– TS

The Time for Wild


it’s time.
it’s time to find
the wildness
we bear within
our deep down
our seeds
of freedom
the wild
that protects
our long held
that need not
be suppressed
that will not
be oppressed
the wild
borne of wisdom
that knows where
we have strayed
have lost the
secret pathways
from heart
to world
to be
the wild ones
we’ve always been,
rooted and rising
fiery in knowing
our ancient longings
and the dawn of
our tomorrows are One – TS