Move Through the Oceans of Knowledge


all we can do
is make the brave, bold
and beautiful decision
that it is not enough
to know what we know:
that we must traverse
the breadth of the oceans,
not being content
to rest where we are, but
to reach all the distant shores,
and regard what we find
with the eyes of a child,
and the soul of a sage
who knows how much
there is to learn. – TS


Where You Are


for all the times
i thought i’d been
in your place
without taking a moment,
a deep, long pause,
to leap over the edges
of my obstructions
and come and
meet you where
you are.
I commit now,
I promise to try,
a little everyday, to see
with the new eyes
of a baby, with an older
soul long yearning for our
communion. To come
to you with love and
the joy of discovering
who you are. – TS

A New Way to Love



Every chance you get
make it different.
Your imagination is
your greatest power,
curiosity your greatest gift.
Turn your mind upside down.
See the colour, not the shape.
See the shape, not the object.
See the object, not your love
or your dislike of it.
Open your eyes from
the heartstrings.
There is a cosmos in
a ripple of water,
A new way of loving
in each turn of the tide. – TS