Here in You: A Poem


It is always a
coming home,
a remembering,
the air whip thin
and sparkling
a sundance of
unfiltered joy
the crackling
under the feet
of a whole
cycle of life
preparing for
its journey
down, out,
standing still
no matter
where you are
to find yourself
at the epicenter
of the language
of birdsong,
and you don’t
want to
decipher it
you realize
you already
You know you
are here
in you.
– TS

Our Gorgeous Awake


I pass hurdles
common and unforeseen
before climbing right in
and soaking in the
lush verdant green.
I inch closer,
hesitant, unsure of
my steps on a land
that has come
hand in hand with
our own existence,
that has long been
waiting for our return.
I am here,
I say softly,
not sure why
she would be listening
unsure of my own
heart beating
her thousand pathways
through hurt
to love.
Suddenly I can breathe.
I breathe.
I unfold,
at times achingly slow.
Until the bloom
is magnificent and
full and whole. – TS

Queendom of Heart


In the land
that is my body
curves and contours
marked through time
rough and jagged here,
soft and receptive too,
wind their way
around the
corners and edges
of the globe of me,
carving spaces
for the breath
and the blood of
my identity
to find their
safe spots in
a haven where
stories are elixirs
under moon’s gaze,
forgiveness becomes
and where the
dance begins,
the whole of me
awakening, a vibrant
world dancing and
laughing and flowing
around the Queendom
of Heart. – TS

My Street Japan. Day 18. {Photography project}

My Street Japan. DAY 18. Tammy T. Stone

My Street Japan. DAY 18. Tammy T. Stone

Today it’s all about contrast, with a little bit of “kawaii” (cute) thrown in, thanks to the yellow banner with the cartoon on it!

I just love the contrast between red and green, the most powerfully contrasting colours on the colour wheel. Have you ever placed bright green and bright red side by side? The effect is dazzling – they just cause each other to shimmer in a virtual dance before your eyes!

Here, the reds are more darker, more richly textured and subdued, autumn-style, but I still love the dance each of these trees is doing alone, and the one they are doing together …

My Street Japan. Day 8. {Photography Project}

My Street Japan. DAY 8. Tammy T. Stone

My Street Japan. DAY 8. Tammy T. Stone

This morning, as the lunar eclipse had us contemplating shadow and light, hiding and emergence, and the vast magnitude of our cosmos, I stepped outside looking for magic. When nothing instantly appeared, I turned my mind’s eye and my heart in another direction, knowing that magic appears everywhere, when we are ready and willing for its manifestation.

Green isn’t the first thing you notice when you step onto this street. In this photo, however, we are gifted with the resplendence of the natural world. In a tiny patch of cultivated garden (I’ve never seen who is taking care of this property, and does it belong to the city, or the apartment?), I can take my imagination and dive in, and remember that I live on an island. I think of all the uncultivated islands, or parts of islands I’ve seen, where nature is left to her own devices, and sings, and tumbles around, and soars.

It’s not that the singing here is more quiet. It’s that often, I’m forgetting to listen. One leaf, like one person, contains the world. A community of them – of us – is a dizzy dance of joy.  I’m humbled the ability of a photograph to cue me to dive back in and dance with the green-magic Life is always offering us.