My Street Japan. Day 16.

My Street Japan. DAY 16. Tammy T. Stone

My Street Japan. DAY 16. Tammy T. Stone

Today, with these gorgeous colours, the fall berries, even the burnt umber backdrop replenishing the scene, it’s all about autumn! Because of this, I’d like to reprint a poem I’ve recently written with this very theme:

Poem to Autumn


I am growing old with you

Turning to dry, to dust

I stand in crisp wind

And feel the royal descent

The weakness in my bones

A soft bed of fallen friends

Under my dear, cracked feet

My heart is full of hesitation

My memories have not let go

They congregate around thin veins

Stubborn, steadfast and sad


Let me grow old with you

How you breathe into all this

I need to know there is time yet

Before the long stretch sets in

I never quite learned to dance

In sweetest hued rapture

Draw me into your twilight pause

Under a brave, half-dressed tree

Aware of the hardening ground

Exalted before last sounds