Speak Without Speaking


speak without speaking
hear from deep within
for love’s language,
like flower petals
after the rain,
soft, tender,
quiet, pure
true. – TS

Love is Love


Love is everywhere.
Love is hard.
Love is not blind.
Love is deep inside.
Love is for sharing.
Love is also for taking.
Love is worth discovering.
Love is big.
Love flies like a breeze over the ocean.
Love caresses like dew on grass.
Love can leave us aching and broken.
Love can be misunderstood.
Love is the basis of all things.
Love is a great pursuit.
Love should never be made small.
Love is between all of us, all the time.
Love is love. – TS

The First of Spring


a flutter, a kiss

a hummingbird

singing to the breeze

it glides upon


a caress, a giggle,

skin coming alive

under what feels daily

like a brand new sun


a wink, a smile,

the sparkle in your eye

as you sprint and laugh,

awakening from deep slumber


a wish, a hope, a dream,

these are what emerge

along with the sprightly buds

heralding the first of spring. – TS



The Life of Flowers and Trees


The flowers cluster together,
carpeting the fields with
their vivacity and sprinkling
their life force across the plains,
peppering the world like smiles
bobbing back and forth in the breeze,
catching the sun and radiating
joy and light from deep within.
Asking nothing of each other,
living the truth of generosity.
As the trees do, in the
magic forests of the continents,
towering forces in themselves,
stronger still in unison,
and we know they are talking
to each other, sending signals
needed for survival and health, but
more than that, in an astonishing
feat of grace, the lifeline of
happiness that feeds the world.
Elegant, refined, aware,
Carrying messages from sky
to earth and back again
In purity of being
Asking nothing of each other,
leaving their legacy of abundance
for us all to embrace. – TS