Hello Beauty


Hello beauty,
the arch simplicity of a new day beginning
the sun knowing without knowing,
the ground our vast, churning revolution
of dynamism and receptivity,
host to our place in it,
above and below,
wandering in between the shadow and light
of all there is,
if we will,
take the time to witness
to encounter and really see
what comes before us,
if we can,
come to be like the sun,
and know without knowing,
and feel without judgment,
from every corner and crevice of heart,
and the beauty, once revealed,
never to part.

The Way of the Sun


I see, in the miraculous way
the sun makes her sure descent,
my own place in this world.
The sun gives us this gift
In her sure movements, regal
and decisive, sweeping across
lands in constant invitation.
I stand and watch the sky
sigh plush and heavy at dusk,
heaving at the last letting go
in tufts of orange, grey and pink.
I, too, sigh, with the weight of
the undone, my heart hammering
in her caged dome, unlike the
sun before me, a fireball ablaze
with the potential for all that is,
offering me, even now, her golden
embrace. I stand before the mountain,
shaking at the wonder of all the ways
in which I am here, and not here, and
I take it. The sun’s persistent rotations
that allow my fluttering, fledgling
trajectories. Warning of the dark,
soothing, always again, with her light.
– TS

Dancing with Life and Shadow


We look straight
for the light and say,
I want this.
I want only this.
We crave the
mountain peaks
forgetting the joy
of each hard-won
step, the clench
of muscles that are
so alive with the
pulse of labor,
the thrill of
carving new
footprints into
an ancient, living
thing, as
we realize that
we, too,
are living, pulsing,
exerting effort
and recognizing
victory in our
panting, skipping
On the way to
the light,
Let’s adjust our eyes,
notice the shadows
dancing and swinging
threatening us
not at all,
no, inviting us
to touch the very
cornerstones of
our beautiful
existence. – TS

There is a Love Beside Love.

Tammy T. Stone

Tammy T. Stone

There is a Love Beside Love

There is a love beside love.

It sits with me when you cannot

Teaching me about absence
About the very bottom of desire

Love comes with me on a walk
and we experience things together

For a moment I dissolve in the sun

and start to see Love’s teachings

wide open in all things,

That I will never be the song
I am singing to the clouds

That I am not a bird
as I peck for sustenance under the sky

I am not a laugh
as I see the sparkle of my joy in your eyes

That laugh that gives life for
at least a thousand years

I cannot be the river
or the wooden plank I sit on
high above its narrow passage

even as I understand the water’s downward flow
and shiver as the eagle soars low to its
rippling crests

Nor can I be the language stenciled onto craters

that have sent messages along the river

that sit beside me now

even as everything I cannot say

lays bare in words
awaiting discovery

I say to the love that sits beside me
I am not you, and love looks back

(I am love)

I say I am not life

(I am life)

The sun on the river shines bright
without my ever looking up

I don’t want to know anything else

I want my feet to kiss the river
down at the shore
as long as it will have me
as the day grows cold

and you will come back to me

It’s quiet, still

I want to thank the wooden planks I sit on

pray for the forest
and breathe love in

Love out

(I am love)


*first published on elephant journal, here!