Eat the Garden


We ate the garden
but the garden
never stopped knowing
how to return;
it is we who suffer,
in our fear
of being consumed
and never finding
our way back.
The garden grows
without suffering
and without joy;
it is just
the garden growing,
life upon life upon life,
not because
we have needed it to,
despite our attempts
to fit into our
smallest of dimensions.
We will eat
the garden as long
as we are here,
but will we ever learn
to become the garden?
– Tammy Takahashi
– Tammy Takahashi

For the New Zealand Dead


Today I long to seek

The comforting words

Of others,

The poems, hymns, elegies,

The pleas for peace,

And not just the pleas,

But the certitude

That we are living

In our one true

Paradise here, now,

That peace walks among us,

Threading the world’s

Rivers and skies

Like gold

That we are one

Living unit

Holding hands

With the living and dead,

The seen and unseen,

All of us together,

And we are not

Slaughtering our children,

We are not bludgeoning

The worshiping hopeful,

We are not scared,

No, we are not

Acting in fear.

We are not taking

From others

What we are terrified

In the night

Of losing ourselves,

We are not begrudging

Anyone, anything.

We are not ripping

The skin off others

To remove what tethers

Them to a chance

In this world.

No, we are filling up

The cells in our bodies

With light, and one

Will light the next,

And the light

Will spill over

To the very

Body of life

That we will know

Belongs to us all

In its entirety,

No more no less,

And in this light

The unspeakable

Darkness will have passed,

Or we will wade

Through it together.

– Tammy Takahashi