Look at Her


There is always
somewhere to land.
Look at the red leaf,
effusing life even
fallen from the tree,
marking the passage
of the seasons
in a siren call of
lush vibrant red.
She doesn’t ask for a
better, softer ground.
She doesn’t wonder
why she is not in
the forest that is her
essence and birthright.
Look how stately,
how firm, as last life
ebbs from her veins,
how she becomes
the ground herself,
for another, smaller,
leaf which has flailed,
lighter, more fragile,
in the wind, despite
how green she is,
a story cut
from its source,
a babe far from
her mother’s milk.
May we always
cushion each other
and help provide
precious ground. – TS

Eternal of You.


To the departed
and the departing:
I love you.
Every mark on
your flesh,
every last
part holding on
and letting go.
I love the sweet
aching nuance
of you, how
there is never
anything else
to see.
The grace in
the dying,
The evermore
of how you