Come Undone

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undo the knotted breath
loosen the tightened grip
unsee the ordinary view
unhear the stained words
unmake the false construction
tear down the soiled edifice
unlearn the tainted lesson
ungrow the poisonous weed
say no to incoherent ideology
stand against the bile of untrue
unbelieve what feels wrong
unattempt to fit right in
unlove what has condition
unadmire what leads astray
unemcumber your beautiful body
unclutter your precious mind
but don’t stop here,
don’t stop here!
ours is a world to create
ours is a love to discover
let us first unravel the mess
so as to learn and build again. – TS

Art by Two {painting, photography, print}

Collaboration is a Beautiful Thing


These go back a few years, to when I was putting together a collection of street photography for Toronto’s Contact Photogrpahy festival. Brilliant artist and printmaker Shawn Reynar generously offered to print my photos on special paper, and as we sat in front of piles of both of our work, we started playing around on the computer, combining our various outputs in new and fascinating ways, adding things as we went.

I liken this process to that of spontaneous writing, which I’ve been practicing for many years and which always yields magical surprises.

There is such  joy in this kind of discovery! These were the result of our efforts.

We called this series-of-two: Dreams of a City I’ve Never Been To.

You can also find these images on Shawn’s website, here. Please take a moment to check out the rest of Shawn’s work featured on his site. He’s a master, an artist down to the very fabric of his being, and his works move me right to the core.

Tammy T. Stone and Shawn Reynar

Tammy T. Stone and Shawn Reynar


Tammy T. Stone and Shawn Reynar

Tammy T. Stone and Shawn Reynar