I, Between Ground and Sky


I am my contradictions;
I am not my contradictions.
You will find me here,
a little too far away, maybe,
from the depths of the ocean floor,
where movement is unweighted grace,
and the talking, deep and sonorous
and capable of stretching for miles,
exactly and quietly where it needs to go;
a little too removed, maybe,
from the vast blanket of sky,
that knows how to stay,
that holds space for shifting clouds
suspended, it seems to me,
in a state of satiation and whimsy,
unburdened by their responsibility
to nourish us, to not fall right down
before their job is done;
and there is no clashing of the clouds,
is there, only seamless integration.
I am not in one place or the other,
and before I can determine what this means
about where I am,
my mind drifts like the sea creatures and the clouds,
chasing colours I am sure I have forgotten.
But I remember –
it is in my nature, as I try
to find the ground between,
the soft, bold place in the center of my being,
to get caught between two places
now and then as I journey through
the realms of hope and hunger and despair,
to love and hold the untruths that
have made me, and regard them, and let go,
as I make my unhurried movement,
like the dolphins do,
toward grace.

– TT

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The Life of Clouds



The birds started first,
singing into the darkness.
Then the sun opened
the day up to the size
of our possible worlds. It
was expansive, the way
I imagine a desert would
be, at the break of day,
before thirst sets in,
when the body is still
thick with dreams, the
kind that beckon, invite.

The same world, a different
time. The clouds roll in,
form a dense layer between
us and the endless sky.
It always seems you
can reach up and touch
them, like they are our
shelter, our protection, as
though they are not
heavy with the responsibility
of nourishing the Earth, or
lacking in tangibility.

And I think, I don’t just
want my story playing
over and over; I want
them all. I want to be
everyone and everything
and all of history at once.
Not only to understand better,
but because there is just
so much to this life, too much
for our one psychology, and
I am and want to be
every colour, sound and
emotion at once, to finally
be the One in the All.

– TT

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Drifting on a Cloud.


Drifting on a cloud,

The ground a distant sea

We find in our bottomless


Buried wisdoms deep and long

Always waiting to rise

We can’t dive in,

Being as we are,

Drifting on a cloud –

What else to do, then,

But turn our hearts

Away from sandy shores

And the promise of

Trails of crackling leaves,

Thickets of trees,

And stay close

And find clouds resting

Nearby, a cosmic latitude

The width and breath

Of our expansion,

And we are at

The very beginning,

Carried on the seeds

Of our own awakening

The cloud feels like

Snow that won’t fall

A pagoda in the sky

For kneeling and gazing out,

For celebrating celestial bodies

And astral events

Our house, our altar

Our elders and our children

Ground and roof alike

Or better yet,

This is rootlessness,

So we can dream with eyes open

Drifting on the cloud

How hard to fathom

How we will finally descend,

Which of nature’s laws allow

For our safe passage home

But we need a new kind of knowledge now,

That knows not our questions

It’s like we never left at all

It is best, then,

To follow the course

Of the wayward clouds

And just drift

Like a child on a slide

Like a dreamer down river

Tuned to the stars above

And our sweet milky memories below

Letting them rest

So that we may rest

In this perpetual state of flight.361