Book Appearance!



I’m on a virtual bookshelf!!

Well, not me (or virtual me) personally, but my book, “Formation” has landed in great company! Check it out and while you are there, take a look at the esteemed company my poems are keeping; there’s some great stuff on Camel Saloon, and I’m so grateful to them for supporting my work over the years.

To buy “Formation”, you can go here or here!



News Alert!!!!


I’ve been waiting so long to announce this and I’m so excited I finally can: I have a book deal! A BOOK! A real, live book of poetry is coming soon! More information to come, but I’ve been working very closely with an editor/publisher to take a dream + a collection of poems and turn it into gorgeous book-reality! I’ll be updating information here and on my Facebook Writer’s Page. I’m swooning with equal parts excitement and terror, and am so happy to be sharing this!

I also added a new tab to this blog, called Books and Projects, where I’ll keep an archive of all links related to this poetry collection, and another fun project I have up my sleeve.


Oh – I handbound some of the proofs with this really amazing fabric I found here in Japan – so it’s not just any random book in the photo! 🙂