From Where We Go


It rustles; we rustle
It breathes, as we breathe
Living, as we live
In joy, splendor, innocence,
Growing, building, expanding.
It is our time, the amber crest of fire
Heralded by our celestial rotations;
We, too, with the zeal of our life pursuits
Laughing and roaring in the forever of our days,
Until, a gasp of awe, a moment of reckoning;
A transmigration in the ways of love.
And it comes to fade, the drying up,
As we, too, witness the ebb of our luster,
Growing smaller, bone-laced,
Our memories squeezed out
To fertilize the ground,
To where we go,
Our place of birth,
Where we have been,
What is, and is again. – TS