Through the Veil


Through the veil that we have coloured
with the woven tapestry of our stories,
those that illuminate and those that fail us,
we peer out, as much as the veil allows,
and on the one side is a honed isolation,
billowing around us like a comfortable pillow
that can also, on another day, suffocate us,
and on the other, imaginings of belonging,
soft and sweet and frightening and pure:
what that would look, smell and feel like,
what the sinewy textures of our grounding
would be in the lands that cushion our birth.
We birth: again, and again, we are borne
of a thousand suns and the lives they touch,
of endless moons caressing our shadows
with a hope that cuts right through to bone.
We can crest the mountains, soar like falcons,
or we can sit on grass, watch tiny buds grow,
and no victory is small, that shatters the veil,
and brings me to myself, and all of me to you.
– Tammy Takahashi

I Belong


Where does
the path begin
and where does it go?
Sometimes I feel
I’ve landed
right in the middle of
an ecosystem
with its very long history
I know nothing of,
and I fear
I’ll never catch up
or be able to
feel my way around,
that I don’t meet
the preconditions
for harmony.
I feel my senses
don’t serve me here,
do not point the way.
It is in the digging deep,
though, the excavating
of my own right
to a history,
that I will lay claim
to what must be
a simple, if profound feeling:
that I belong.
That I am here,
as you are here,
and we are each
finding our way
through the jungle of
our own ancestral histories,
reaching out
with hope and
good intentions,
with one essential,
sacred goal:
to be love.
– TS

To You, Who is Me, with Love. {Poem}

Tammy T. Stone

Tammy T. Stone

To You, Who is Me, with Love

To you, the thinker

put thinking in it’s place.

To you, the lover,

love with your overflowing heart,

love strong, never limit your love.

To you, the shy one,

take your time,

there is such

a soft place for you to land

and find your embrace.

To you, the angry one,

put your hand to your heart

and see the silence that is there,

until the tears come. They will

come, and it will be beautiful.

To you, the passionate one,

throw your passions

into the world,

which needs your fire

and blessed spirit.

To you, the sleepy one, take rest,

rest can teach you,

and then return to the world

with wide open eyes.

To you, the lonely ones,

carve out a world of love

for yourself, that you can

share with the universe.

To you, the hurried one,

find the magic in

the space between things.

To you, the lost ones,

learn where you are

and don’t be sad.

Being lost will serve you

well one day.

It is serving you now.

To you, the happy ones,

thank you for putting your

special kind of light

into the world.

To you, who is me,

who is all,

to a free moving world

in one heart.

*This was published in elephant journal – check them out!