In the Land of Sweet Honey


In the land of sweet honey
that flows like endless water
that nourishes the flowers
that feed our wild things
that hum and buzz the
world alive
Every year, a new year,
every day, a new sun.
every moment,
life follows death,
death, which for
all our efforts,
we cannot fathom,
life, the foundation for
and the trajectory of
our awareness.
One follows the other
at every turn, and we
can glide, as though
on a magic carpet
through the
alchemy of our
And when we are tired,
we can come to rest
on this, our land,
and expand this
piece of Time
to encompass
all that is.
The reflections in
one grain of sand,
We will find
one another
– TT

The Glimmer is You


We know that the dark helps us
to see light, and we know this is
a scientific fact and this is also
a figurative way of thinking.
What’s evil casts a light on the good,
What scares us teaches us about
what gives us comfort, hope, joy.
Have you ever noticed that
objects in silhouette, as dark
as dark can be (because of the light),
never look quite as dark as the blackness
of a tunnel, or of a deep, starless night
(or a day lost to despair)?
A thing at its darkest, surrounded
and inflected by the great and powerful sun,
retains the brightness that
has given it life, does not invite
the void, never-ending, never-sweet.
We fall into darkness (the way
we fall in love); a silhouette is
sculpted in relief, its contours
made of light; there is no falling,
only emergence. The silhouettes
of autumn, the most moving of all:
not hesitant, but lingering,
The glimmer is the dying of a day
still living,
The glimmer is soft and yearning,
The glimmer is you.


The Time is Now


In between what was
and what is coming,
as between the dark
and the light,
the moment that
cannot be touched
or seen.
Our time is now.
Before it eludes us
as it melds with
the behind,
it is time to rest
in the stillness
and capture what is
meant just for us.
Now is this
precious yellow
of the leaf that emits
its strongest scent
before it falls.
It is the slight breeze,
no more than a whisper
of what what you need
to know.
Now is for us all.
It is a time for opening,
and for claiming our
expansion. – TS

Thanksgiving Love



The circle of gratitude
that makes a world
to be thankful for
and a person flush
with joy
at the bounty
she has made.
In thanks for autumn
the reminder of every
single colour of life
and of fading away,
and for the coming
a white-washed time
for reflection
and making angels
in the snow.
Thank you to all
the ones who love,
are loved
and create this
ocean where we all
swim in love
together. – TS

Way of Autumn.


Can you hear it?
The rustle that
removes one colour
from the summer leaves
before whispering it away,
shivering only a little,
across the oceans.
Making way for another,
the amber hues of autumn,
the fiery emblems
of all things fallen,
waiting, too,
to be swept away,
so that change
can be what she is
(so that we can be
what we are)
and have her way
with things.