Heart of the World


in every structure,
in the steeples and
ornate edifices
built by the wise ones
for prayer and devotion
but also for the pure
bliss of seeing
and experiencing
boundless symmetries
echoing Earth’s own,
here are the
building blocks
of the imagination,
our one big gaping
there it is
and here we are – TS

My Street Japan. Day 40.

My Street Japan. DAY 40. Tammy T. Stone

My Street Japan. DAY 40. Tammy T. Stone

Up ahead, just to the left, a daily view I rarely stop and attend to. You’ve seen a slice of this already, in the form of the Takeshi Kitano English school ad tucked into the teeny tiny alley to the right of this structure.

I think it’s closed down, but it’s hard to tell. Much of my stretch of this long street is in the waning stages of life. Many structure are, or look abandoned, doors gone to rust, windows boarded up, inhabitants aging, or perhaps passed. Such are the cycles of life, of a street, too. Maybe one day this small pocket within a small island in the world will gentrify, and we’ll see hip shops, and artists and as-yet-unimaginable goodies lining the streets. For now, we witness a state in-between, and wonder about the past, and fantasize about the future, and all of this mind-gazing is made possible by the living relics before us.

The architecture of the past is the seed of a future, even if it will be a future completely reborn.

My Street Japan. Day 6. {Photography Project}

My Street Japan. DAY 6. Tammy T. Stone

My Street Japan. DAY 6. Tammy T. Stone

This is what I see looking up and to the right from in front of my apartment. Except in colour. I can read one of the words up there, and it says “home” …

Isn’t it interesting that we rarely like to see a grey, hazy day, but are so attracted to the stark world of hue-less black-and-white? Does the scene come alive in monochrome, or make one nostalgic? It’s a mysterious effect, black-and-white …

Japan Photo Diary: 365 (freedom on a white wall)

Welcome to the 365th photo in the Japan Photo Diary series – it has been one year! And perfect timing, as I make my way over to Canada, my home, for a visit!

Thank you for joining me on this adventure of sharing photographs of Japan over the past year. There will be much more to come, in different guides.