Our Precious Earth


There is a circle we are on,
all of us, through time,
on our own day,
with this sun and moon,
and in our own wayward,
or surefooted way,
it is a thread connecting us,
even as it is overgrown
by layer after layer
of the things
we thought to have made,
grids and tunnels,
elevated passageways,
sky-reaching edifices,
as we are always looking
away from where we are.
Let’s bring the gaze closer,
the distant view
is making is distant
from each other and ourselves,
our bellies never full enough,
we are floating away.
Maybe we can begin to dig,
slowly then fervently,
get at and below and through all this,
back to the weeds
that need our attending too,
because we want to see
the flowers grow.
We want the awe
that will take us back
to our awareness of the circle,
and our joined place on it,
and know that we are once again
veering toward a destination
this not a destination,
but our way through, and up,
and up some more,
the voyage of our transcendence,
which starts here,
with a flower growing
in our precious earth.
– Tammy Stone Takahashi


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