The Way of the Seed


It is the will and purpose

Of a seed to travel,

To take the blueprint of home

And to carry this blueprint far

From its brothers and sisters,

To grow roots in new terrain

And find its will to grow,

If the conditions are right.

The more it grows and thrives,

The further memories of home

Go, and they do land,

Where everything does,

In the place of no land,

Our sacred memory keeper

For all the wanderlust hearts.

A seed cannot grow

In the shadow of its mother;

It needs to find and to claim

A light of its own.

But a seed is wiser than us,

Its blueprint is also

In the sun and the stars,

And in the earth from which

We all come, and grow, and go.

The seed has nothing to despair,

Is not running from,

Or racing toward,

But is doing the work of a seed,

To be where it needs to be

Without needing to be

Anywhere else,

To blossom in the way

Of all unimpeded things.

  • Tammy Takahashi


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