The Tree with No Name


Imagine a tree without its name,
As if to erase language, what came before,
And to find everything in all that green,
Which is no longer a colour, or its shades,
And to find that instead of dissolution,
The best part of you persists and more,
That you have grown to encompass the world.
– Tammy Takahashi

3 thoughts on “The Tree with No Name

  1. Love steals unbidden into an unsuspecting heart
    The heart resists, fights off this uninvited guest
    Love storms back, the battle rages on
    The exhausted heart gives in, still unsure and restless.
    It bumps against the unwelcome burden
    The hellion that has conquered it.

    Resignation settles in. The heart resists no more.
    Though it puts no welcome out; that must be earned.
    Love’s exhausted too and welcomes brief respite.
    They shift against each other, love and heart.
    A nook accommodates a rough projection
    Hardness settles into softness, prepares to stay.


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