The Tree with No Name


Imagine a tree without its name,
As if to erase language, what came before,
And to find everything in all that green,
Which is no longer a colour, or its shades,
And to find that instead of dissolution,
The best part of you persists and more,
That you have grown to encompass the world.
– Tammy Takahashi

Fire Through Me


There is fire embedded in the rock,
subtle, less mad, buried as potential,
but fire still, capable of burning,
and we may not know how
to draw the fire from the rock,
because the conditions are not ripe
for the fire’s powerful emergence,
or we are not ready, yet, to see it.
I would like to be in perfect stillness,
by the tree or in the mountainside,
where very few would notice me,
and invite my own awareness
of the fire burning through me
as I breathe clear as the wind,
flow deep and strong as the waters,
readying myself to burst into flame,
destroy the unwanted with great love,
and ignite the world with my passion.
– Tammy Takahashi