Through the Rainbow


Every possible colour existing
in the span of seven bands,
and you can never see where
one ends, and the next begins,
and you know you will never
bring your fingers to touch
the fine, silken luminescence,
yet all of it is there, somewhere
in the world, in every moment,
and there is always the dream
of getting close enough to see
what happens in the lush spaces
between yellow and orange,
indigo and violet, what worlds
will open up to us as soon as
we are ready to pass not over
the brilliant rainbow, but through,
not on the way to our destination,
but to face what we never knew.

– Tammy Takahashi


4 thoughts on “Through the Rainbow

  1. Passages

    If we should see all the world in a single color without shadings, would we see a color at all? But two colors create shapes and contrast, form and movement, meaning. If the patterns created are random, we experience an undifferentiated Dreamtime. If there are recurring patterns, we begin to appreciate. If seeming randomness is revealed to show sequences of patterns and connections between them, there is unleashed a creative drive to understand meaning. And then we are born, the world explodes, and our brains are at last fully engaged.


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