For You


I am always on my way to you.
There are so very many pathways,
and my mind’s been easily confused
by gilded life scattered everywhere,
each possible trail a new promise,
my heart restless and insatiable.
This is how I grew to see myself,
and I’ve clung to this part of me
like the last hardening leaves
fixed to tired, arthritic branches
in the harsh cold wind of winter.
But as I walk greater distances,
I notice I’ve come to a vast field
where there are fewer ways to go,
and my heart is suddenly lighter.
I can now come face to face
with a life lived, moments gathered,
and marvel how I’ve gotten here,
where it’s beautiful all around me,
and the voices are not clamoring
or beckoning from so far away.
I can take everything in from here,
exactly where I find myself standing,
and it’s not where I started out,
or where I ever thought I would be,
but there is still an I that I can see,
and this is nothing short of magic,
because you, too, are here with me,
like we’ve always needed it to be.
– Tammy Takahashi