Resting Angel


I would love to imagine

That I have two giant wings

Which have never hurt a soul,

Fluttering and gliding,

That with feathery softness

Fit perfectly in the slope

Between two mountains

As I lie down to rest,

Knees up to my chest,

The trickling stream

Reflecting the last rays

Of today’s sun in my view.

The mountains my protectors,

And I, in return,

Make an offering of my wings

That carry the very best

Of my aspirations

That no being

Will every come to harm,

That the mountains can offer

Us our highest potential

Until it is time for them,

In a moment of great

But transient fury,

Heave their way

Out of this world.

Until then, I can climb

Or I can scamper,

Or like now, I can come

To a complete, weary pause,

And understand that each

State of my being

Is also the very heart

Of my perfection.

  • Tammy Takahashi