To Be Life


It is not just you and I,

And everyone we know

Who say, I want to live,

Who are so afraid

Of what not being alive

Would mean,

This is in the nature

Of our precious humanity.

But it is not just us,

Wanting so badly

To reap the benefits

Of being on this earth,

The reason for our

Pursual of this life is clear,

As it is life itself

That wants to live,

It is the very nature of life

To keep in living,

To enact a creation

So monumental

That it shakes us

To our very foundation,

Every time we notice it,

The leaves that return,

Year after year,

According to the laws

Of our Great Mother,

The cycles, the returns,

The seasons that, unending,

Give us their grace.

We are what nature made,

And like life itself,

We are the breath

The universe takes,

Its unceasing flow,

We are the great tribute

To all that has been.