Fear in One Moon Cycle – Day 2

fear 2 24:05:16


2 thoughts on “Fear in One Moon Cycle – Day 2

  1. This is my Life’s journey since the beginning Tammy. I’ve always felt that I’m so close to knowing it… and then it seems to fall from my hands like water. I’m learning to relax and not force it. But there is a fear that I may go from this life and not realize what’s in my Heart and how to bring it into the World.


    On Sat, Oct 6, 2018, 8:01 PM There’s No War in World wrote:

    > Tammy T. Stone posted: “” >


    • Thank you so much for hearing my fear and for sharing that you relate to it. I know exactly what you mean. It can seem so close, and then become elusive again. Yet it seems like the most important thing to know, so that we can offer of our true selves to the world … I’d like to believe that awareness of this fear is an important step …


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