Seeking Truth


We say we need rest,
but refuse to slow down.
We say we want peace,
but refuse to stop blaming.
We say we want happiness,
but refuse to seek its causes.
We say love is the answer,
but refuse to believe in love.
We say we want connection,
but refuse to reach out.
We say we reject violence,
but refuse the way to harmony.
We say we care for the earth,
but refuse to listen to her cry.
We say that all lives matter,
but refuse to respect life.
But something else is true:
We mean what we say.
We want for things to be good,
and to know what good is.
This is our foundation;
This is our imperfect beauty;
This is our sacred humanity.
May we honour the truth
in what we say and believe,
and seek their realization.

– tammy takahashi


4 thoughts on “Seeking Truth

  1. It is interesting that the imperfect is the measure of the sacred, the gulf to bridge that cannot be bridged, the striving for that which is in some way unreachable. It is perhaps the striving which is sacred.

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  2. In my perspective Tammy, as humanity, we are hypocrites cause as You mentioned in this Poem, we demand things from life or from others but we never make conscious first of the necessity of others , or when it is easy to blame people, but it is easy to talk about peace. Life matter we said but we haven’t learned how to love and respect each other. Congratulations!, this is a very nice Poem to regain consciousness ❤

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