All our Tomorrows


soft now,
treading slow,
eyes widening in wonder
at how –
at just because,
for the way we have
been blessed with
our existence,
so much of what
is ours to
the kingdoms under
our feet,
the fairytales in
the great waters
of the world,
and I want to sit
on the gleaming sand,
and make a castle
that will be as
glorious as it is
free to wash
and I want to
reflect on the
castle of my body,
and learn its
every shape
and watch it
gracefully go the
way of all things,
into tomorrow.
– TS

2 thoughts on “All our Tomorrows

  1. Your poetry is ethereal and comforting. I really love the image of creating something you know will one day wash away, just as we all will as we return to become matter that has existed since the beginning of time. Perhaps we were all sand castles at some point 🙂

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  2. Thank you so very much! Yes, I really wanted to capture the feeling of recognizing each moment as precious, even as we know we cannot hold on … thank you so much for your attentiveness!


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