Our Sacred Land


If I could wade
into the grass,
waist deep in
an ocean of green,
If I could talk to
the ants and grasshoppers
building their symmetries
and harmonies there,
Or maybe it’s enough
just to watch,
or close my eyes
and feel my way there,
And learn just when
the buds will rise,
from our sacred land,
most vivid side up.
And maybe in time,
I’ll stop feeling
An urgent need to be
everywhere at once. – TS

3 thoughts on “Our Sacred Land

    • Hello! Thank you so much for your comments, and your interest in my “non-attachment” tag! I was here alluding to the Buddhist notion of non-attachment, of striving to live a life full of joy and meaning while accepting whatever arises and not attaching to outcome – not having expectations, not even attaching to one’s own emotions and reactions to circumstances. In my poem, I am trying to pay homage to the spectacular simplicity of nature, getting back to one’s true nature, viewing things from a different perspective so as to become awakened, while also recognizing that this is a desire, and that too many desires take away from our pure enjoyment of the moment. Patience and acceptance, and eyes open and full of wonder … this is what I was going for!


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