Love is our Action


In the land
of not right inside out,
we need to work harder,
to find the wonders, yes,
to cultivate awe and love, yes,
but also to be where it’s not right,
and to feel how wrong it’s become,
to see and observe and bear witness,
to cry and be shocked and appalled, yes,
to find our way to a new understanding in action.
In the land of shook asunder the ground has
turned to dust and the sky has fallen down,
and this did not happen overnight, nor can
it be made right with one revolution
of the moon on its illumined axis.
It is imperative to document and
express our fear, but more than
that, we must not work toward
confusion when there is a
thread weaving around us
all: we must cling to that
with our lives, silently at
first then louder: we
must build together,
and rise to protect
heal and love
and never
stop – TS

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